ShipMyGoods is founded by Yassin Zaher and Nour Abdel Aziz the CEO of FIXIT Egypt the company was purchased at its early stages from a student that had the idea. The company is meant to help people in Egypt get rare candy that is usually unavailable in Egypt they use suppliers available locally and items that are not available are imported from outside. Mr.Zaher has had the great opportunity to purchase the idea so he purchased it and began setting up his prices and making sure it was the cheapest possible. Mr.Abdel Aziz also purchased 50% of the company so he could collaborate and they can offer all types of exclusive items not available in Egypt. Their goal is to be selling to all Egyptians and Foreigners because they understand we all have that time where we don't travel out of the country for two months. That good amazing Duty Free chocolate and candy doesn't last 2 days in your household. We are proud of our service as it's the first of it's kind in Egypt and we hope to pleasing our customers needs or requests in the future.